T-shirt printing is dependent on two factors - the number of colours in the design and the number of T-shirts or other garments we screen print at one time.

It is not always necessary to provide artwork. A letterhead, business card or even a sketch of an idea that you have will usually do, the artists in our design studio can transform your ideas and sketches into finished artwork for a nominal cost, on larger orders Free of charge.

Artwork can be sent to us in PC format by email or post.


Embroidered T-Shirts and other clothing, as well as logo embroidery, are produced using our multi-head embroidery machines and are capable of providing a more prestigious product that, in the case of smaller designs, is only a little more expensive than screen printing. Prices are dependent on two factors - the number of stitches and the number of garments, regardless of the number of colours within the design.New orders are initially subject to a setting up charge for the computer disc needed to translate your art into an embroidered logo, this will not be charged on larger orders.

Stock designs are held in our database and can be utilised, with a range of fonts and texts to produce a logo, without the need to produce a computer disc, this service is free of charge.

Any amount of colours can be used, although we find that you really don't need any more than 7 stitch colours in any one logo.
We can only quote for the computer disc accurately upon sight of your artwork before we begin embroidery. The disc is then stored away in our library and re-orders are free of setup charges.


The option to put your logo on any type of promotional items are endless, these include lighters, pens, mugs, glassware, teddy bears, calculators, pencils, fridge magnets, golf balls, the list goes on and on.

Shortly we will have a separate section on this site with the entire range available.

If you are interested in promotional items please contact us and we can give you a better idea of what is available.

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